With buffet, cocktail hour, and plated meal options, Platform One will make your event special!

photo-salad buffet
photo by Jenna Perfette Photography
photo by Jenna Perfette Photography


Custom menus also available
If you don’t see anything to suit your event just give us a shout and we will do our best to build the perfect menu for you.

Three event spaces to choose from:

Platform A photo

Platform A: seats 70 (min 40)

Platform B photo

Platform B: seats 40 (min 25)

Platform C photo

Platform C: seats 50 (min 35)

Platforms A & B: seats 110
Platforms B & C: seats 110
Platforms A, B & C: seats 175

Rooms include specified table & seating set up, linen tablecloths and overhead projectors (A & B only)

Call (908) 926-3773 for more information about our Events Services

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